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Audio For VATSIM Announcement

Audio For VATSIM Announcement
« on: October 01, 2019, 09:06:33 PM »
The following message is from Mark Hubbert regarding AFV.

I am sending this notification to inform you of upcoming events that will occur that will affect the operations of every ARTCC in VATUSA.  As you may know, VATSIM has been working on the development of a new audio platform to address issues that have been brought forth by a multitude of people.  After much work and research by several individuals, VATSIM is ready to release the new state of the art Opus based voice codec. This new technology is scheduled to go online on Monday October 14, 2019.
Unfortunately, in order to bring this online, VATSIM will need to go offline for approximately 24 hours.   It is also unfortunate that the timeframe for the shutdown to occur will be at a time when VATUSA is typically most active. VATSIM is scheduled to be offline on Sunday October 13, 2019 beginning at 20:00Z. I am sending this letter to each of you to provide you as much information as I possibly can. 
I anticipate there will be a learning curve that will present some issues once this new program is online. I will certainly do my best to provide you with as much accurate information as I can. I truly appreciate the jobs that each of you do and I am extremely thankful for your continued passion, dedication and in this case understanding and cooperation.  On behalf of VATSIM, I apologize for any inconvenience that these operations will cause you and your team.