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VATSIM Code of Conduct - ATIS Update

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VATSIM Code of Conduct - ATIS Update
« on: July 15, 2019, 04:41:20 AM »

We got a new notice from VATUSA.  If you have any questions, feel free to let me know and we can coordinate with division.



The new CoC allows for controllers working the Ground Controller position with no one above them) to provide an ATIS. In accordance with this policy local facilities are able to set forth what must be included in it within the limitations given in the ATIS Policy (See new CoC C7 and Global Controller Information/ATIS Policy).
1. ATIS information must contain only Aerodrome Name or Identifier, ATIS Information letter, Observation Time, Weather, Active Runway, Expected Approach Type, Frequency to contact first and appropriate aviation-safety related operational information.
2. Operational information should include only information that is applicable in the VATSIM environment. Real-world operational information that cannot be effectively implemented on VATSIM (e.g., lighting and/or equipment outages) should not be included in any ATIS information.
3. Controllers should attempt to limit the ATIS Information to as few lines as possible.

With respect to item 1 we are instructing you to ensure that Ground Controllers utilize phraseology of "suggested departure runway(s)" and "suggested arrival runway(s)" instead of "departing runway" and "landing runway" (respectively) as a ground controller is not considered a position to assign the active runway.
All other information listed in items 1-3 should be included as limited therein.

Please let myself or Austin know if you have any questions.
Rick & Austin
This email was issued by Rick Rump (1053581)
Matthew Kosmoski (MK)
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