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ZHU Appoints New Facility Engineer

Matthew Kosmoski

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ZHU Appoints New Facility Engineer
« on: November 07, 2018, 03:47:53 AM »
Please join me in welcoming Ryan Barnes in to the role as the ZHU Facility Engineer.  Ryan has been a member of ZHU for two years and has distinguished himself with his willingness to participate and get involved as a mentor and one of our most active controllers.  His attention  to detail and desire to improve our client data will serve well in this role.  Ryan is well known for offering his assistance to other facilities, as well, and regularly lends his support to our partner facilities and facilities he visits.

Additionally, Carson Page is rejoining the ZHU staff as an Assistant Facility Engineer.  Carson is one of our most tenured members, with over three years on the roster.  Carson has previously served as our Webmaster and as a mentor.  Carson's interest and skill set in scripting and automation will bring our ability to develop and maintain the facility data with faster development cycles and improve maintainability.

These two together form a powerhouse team and we're happy to bring them aboard!
Matthew Kosmoski (MK)
Air Traffic Manager | ZHU ARTCC