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VRC 2008 File Update

VRC 2008 File Update
« on: July 16, 2020, 07:25:08 PM »
That's right! Time for another update for all y'all, head over to the documents center to get what you need.
Center) Added Mexican Airspace POFs (Merida & Monterrey), tweaked Oceanic POFs, Added Sector Splits (Low, High & Ultra-High)
Approach-Delivery) Added Alias Functions for KCRP & KMSY, fixed Alias functions for Austin. Added new Satellite Sectors IDs to the I90 (Now three-letter codes).
Added; Ground Map for KCLL, Combined KIAH ASDEX into main sector file.
Other (Not in File) Fixed Valley Transceivers (HRL, BRO, MFE), fixed BTR Transceiver Clipping.