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Title: Issuance of Tower Trainee (S1) Ratings
Post by: Matthew Kosmoski on July 11, 2019, 06:04:50 AM
In response to a division mandate to alter our S1 issuance procedure, a new memo has been issued amending the existing vZHU ARTCC Training Policy.  The result of the change means that we have to wait until a student demonstrates competency at both the Clearance Delivery and Ground positions before issuing their S1 rating.

Additionally attached for visibility is the VATNA region directive by which VATUSA is justifying the change.


Effectively immediately, the vZHU ARTCC Training Policy is amended in accordance with VATUSA policy. is removed and replaced with A student shall be promoted to Tower Trainee (S1) in accordance with VATUSA policy 3120.1A Section 5, and VATSIM Global Ratings Policy (GRP) Appendix A, with minimum delays as described by GRP 3.2(C).

If you have any questions, please reach out to the Training Administrator.

Memo: https://www.zhuartcc.org/files/20190711-Memo-Issuance%20of%20Tower%20Trainee%20(S1)%20Ratings.pdf