Event - Info And Signup

Houston, The FNO has Landed


Houston ARTCC

Event Date:

2019-03-15 23:59:00z - 2019-03-16 04:00:00z

Event Description

The moon landing may be fake, but these instrument landings will, well, I guess also be fake cause it's VATSIM. I guess I didn't really think that one out did I. Huh.

Anyhoo, we have an FNO on 15 March 2019 from 2359-0400z. Swing on by and tell all of my controllers their EC is terrible at writing descriptions!

Position Assignments

Position Name Controller
HOU_38_CTR Marcos Garcia Tobar
HOU_87_CTR Baraquiel Lopez
HOU_80_CTR Zack Ellett
HOU_83_CTR No Assignment
HOU_N_APP Brandon Wening
HOU_D_APP Joshua Hooker
HOU_G_APP No Assignment
HOU_F_APP Derek Troy
IAH_N_TWR Thomas Kurien
IAH_S_TWR Derek Quist
IAH_GND Joseph Russ
IAH_DEL Luke Wooden
HOU_TWR No Assignment
HOU_GND No Assignment
HOU_DEL No Assignment